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Alliaceae: Quiz


Question 1: Alliaceae is a family of herbaceous perennial ________.
Flowering plantFernGymnospermEmbryophyte

Question 2: They are ________, part of order Asparagales.
DicotyledonMonocotyledonAPG systemFlowering plant

Question 3: Alliaceae sensu lato ("in the wider sense"), including all the plants that were assigned to the families Agapanthaceae, Alliaceae and ________ in the 1998 APG.
Lycoris (plant)AmaryllideaeLiliaceaeAmaryllidaceae

Question 4: The family has been widely but not universally recognised; in the past, the plants involved were often treated as belonging to the family ________, and still are by some botanists.

Question 5: The APG II system of 2003 recognises the family and places it in the order Asparagales in the clade ________.
APG systemFlowering plantMonocotyledonDicotyledon

Question 6: The most important genus is ________, which includes several important food plants, including onions (Allium cepa), chives (A. schoenoprasum), garlic (A. sativum and A. scordoprasum), and leeks (A. porrum).
LiliumAlliumAllium vinealeAlliaceae

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