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Question 1: For example, at the gene locus for ________ blood type proteins in humans [1], classical genetics recognizes three alleles, IA, IB, and IO, that determines compatibility of blood transfusions.
Coombs testDuffy antigen systemABO blood group systemKell antigen system

Question 2: [3] The degree and pattern of dominance varies among loci: for a further discussion see ________.
DNAChromosomeDominance (genetics)Allele

Question 3: In many cases, genotypic interactions between the two alleles at a locus can be described as dominant or ________, according to which of the two homozygous genotype the phenotype of the heterozygote most resembles.
DNAY chromosomeChromosomeDominance (genetics)

Question 4: Recessive genetic disorders include ________, Cystic Fibrosis, Galactosemia, Phenylketonuria (PKU), and Tay-Sachs Disease.
AlbinismPhotophobiaAlbinism in popular cultureMyopia

Question 5: The frequency of alleles in a population can be used to predict the frequencies of the corresponding genotypes (see ________).
Population geneticsHardy–Weinberg principleGenetic driftNatural selection

Question 6: Where the heterozygote is indistinguishable from one of the homozygotes, the allele involved is said to be dominant to the other, which is said to be ________ to the former.
DNAChromosomeDominance (genetics)Y chromosome

Question 7: [1] The word is a short form of allelomorph ('other form'), which was used in the early days of genetics to describe variant forms of a ________ detected as different phenotypes.

Question 8: In any particular diploid organism, with two copies of each ________, the genotype for each gene comprises the pair of alleles present at that locus, which are the same in homozygotes and different in heterozygotes.
ChromosomeAutosomeKaryotypeChromosomal translocation

Question 9: The term "wild type" allele is sometimes used to describe an allele that is thought to contribute to the typical phenotypic character as seen in "wild" populations of organisms, such as fruit flies (________).
Model organismInsectCaenorhabditis elegansDrosophila melanogaster

Question 10: A number of ________ are caused when an individual inherits two recessive alleles for a single-gene trait.
Alport syndromeGenetic disorderAndrogen insensitivity syndromeEpisodic ataxia


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