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Allegations of State terrorism by Sri Lanka: Quiz


Question 1: This was echoed by the Secretary of Movement for Development and Democratic Rights, a ________, that terrorism was used in the north as a political tool and the resultant state terrorism restricted their operation in the north.
Non-governmental organizationNon-profit organizationFoundation (non-profit)Charitable trust

Question 2: Specific acts alleged include massacres of civilians, mass graves, torture, unlawful incarceration and ________.
Extraordinary rendition by the United StatesBlack siteHuman rightsForced disappearance

Question 3: Dias Hewagama and Wiswa Warnapala claim that experience of State terrorism could not be erased from the mind of people from Jaffna and this is what prompted the UNP to attack ________.

Question 4: [16] David Jeyaraj a prominent Sri Lankan journalist from ________ has termed the act of torture, rape and murder of a family in the Vankalai massacre as an act of State terrorism.
United StatesBarbadosUnited KingdomCanada

Question 5: Opposition leader ________ has charged that the government of Sri Lanka has turned into a junta, "This junta has control over the economy, business activities and defense.
Rukman SenanayakeRanil WickremasingheSajith PremadasaRohitha Bogollagama

Question 6: ________
Covert United States foreign regime change actionsForeign policy of the United StatesLuis Posada CarrilesUnited States and state terrorism

Question 7: [20] As noted by Brad Adams, Asia Director, ________,
Amnesty InternationalUNESCOInternational Criminal CourtHuman Rights Watch

Question 8: ________ groups have condemned this massacre and demanded an independent investigation.
Human rightsReproductive rightsCultureTorture

Question 9: Various ________ and individuals have accused the Sri Lankan government of committing state terrorism.
Non-governmental organizationNon-profit organizationFoundation (non-profit)Charitable trust

Question 10: [5] This according to Kumar Rupesinghe led to solidification of demand for separate state for minority Tamils called ________ under conditions of state terrorism and genocidal situations.
Sri Lankan Tamil peopleTamil Eelam independence referendaSri Lankan Tamil nationalismTamil Eelam

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