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Question 1: Before the development of lower case letters in the 8th century, texts in the ________ were written in a single case, which is now considered to be capital letters.
Arabic alphabetLatin alphabetPhoenician alphabetRunic alphabet

Question 2: As a result, ________ generally discourages the use of all caps.
UsenetInstant messagingNetiquetteInternet Relay Chat

Question 3: The major exception to this is so-called ________ in advertisements and legal documents, where the typesetter has incentive to make the text inaccessible.
Advance-fee fraudFine printBait and switchCoin rolling scams

Question 4: All caps can be specified in ________ using "text-transform: uppercase;".
Document Object ModelHTMLCascading Style SheetsXHTML

Question 5: A practice exists of distinguishing the surname from the rest of a ________ by stylizing the surname only in all caps.
Icelandic nameGiven nameChinese namePersonal name

Question 6: All caps is also used to indicate that a given word is an ________.
AbbreviationAcronym and initialismUnited StatesEnglish language

Question 7: In ________, all caps (short for all capitals or all capitalized; often written as ALL CAPS) refers to text or a font in which all letters are capital letters.
Prime (symbol)DashTypographyHyphen

Question 8: It is commonly seen in the titles on book covers, ________, billboards, and in dramatic newspaper headlines.
BrandAdvertising researchAdvertisingProduct placement

Question 9: Writing in all caps (possibly with underscores replacing spaces) is an ________ in many programming languages that symbolizes that the given identifier represents a constant.
.NET FrameworkC++Naming convention (programming)C (programming language)


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