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Alko: Quiz


Question 1: Société des alcools du Québec________
OntarioCanadaQuebecNew France

Question 2: Many of these date back to the first products launched after the end of the ________.
Rum-runningPakistanUnited Arab EmiratesProhibition

Question 3: Provincial Liquor Crown Companies________
BarbadosCanadaUnited StatesUnited Kingdom

Question 4: When the prohibition was lifted by the Finnish government in 1932 following a ________, they created a company called Oy Alkoholiliike Ab which was fully owned by the government.
By-electionReferendumUnited KingdomElections by country

Question 5: Essentially, it is the only store in the country which retails ________ over 4.7% ABV, wine (except in vineyards) and spirits.
BrewingAlcoholic beverageBockBeer

Question 6: During the years 1919 to 1932, the distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages was forbidden in ________.

Question 7: During the 1939-40 Winter War the company mass-produced molotov cocktails for the ________, production totalling 450,000 units.
Finnish Civil WarFinlandPolish Armed ForcesFinnish Defence Forces

Question 8: National Alcohol Beverage Control Association________
CanadaPhilippinesAlaskaUnited States

Question 9: Alko is the national alcoholic beverage retailing monopoly in ________.


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