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Alkali metal: Quiz


Question 1: Binary compounds of hydride with the alkali metals and some ________ have been prepared.
Noble gasTransition metalActinoidPeriodic table

Question 2: ________, with a solitary electron, is usually placed at the top of Group 1 of the periodic table, but it is not considered an alkali metal; rather it exists naturally as a diatomic gas.

Question 3: These elements all have one ________ in their outermost shell, so the energetically preferred state of achieving a filled electron shell is to lose one electron to form a singly charged positive ion, i.e.

Question 4: ________. Retrieved 2009-12-08.
Royal Society of ChemistryDerek BartonCyril Norman HinshelwoodAnalytical chemistry

Question 5: Under extremely high pressure, such as is found at the core of ________, hydrogen does become metallic and behaves like an alkali metal; see metallic hydrogen.
Ganymede (moon)JupiterCallisto (moon)Io (moon)

Question 6: ________
Atomic Number: 87
Atomic Weight: (223)
Melting Point: 295(?) K
Boiling Point: 950(?) K
Specific mass: ?

Question 7: As in the halogens, only one additional electron is required to fill in the outermost shell of the hydrogen atom, so hydrogen can in some circumstances behave like a halogen, forming the negative ________ ion.

Question 8: The alkali metals are silver-colored (caesium has a golden tinge), soft, low-________ metals, which react readily with halogens to form ionic salts, and with water to form strongly alkaline (basic) hydroxides.

Question 9: (________, although nominally also a member of Group 1, very rarely exhibits behavior comparable to the alkali metals).

Question 10: As a result, in the laboratory they are stored under ________ or paraffin oil.
WaxBeeswaxMineral oilPetroleum jelly


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