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Alive (1993 film): Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Alive (1993 film) have?
Steele Alive and Kicking
Wanted Dead Or Alive
You May Emerge From This More Dead Than Alive

Question 2: However, during the flight, the plane crashes on a unknown peak (later called the Glacier of Tears) in the ________.
GeographyPhysical geographyAndesGran Chaco

Question 3: John Haymes Newton as ________ / Tintin
Alive (1993 film)Eastern Air Lines Flight 401Alitalia Flight 112Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571

Question 4: The score by James Newton Howard has had a second life (particularly the rousing end credit theme) in film trailers, in similar usage as the themes from The Joy Luck Club, Dragonheart and ________.
Academy Award for Best PictureTitanic (1997 film)Academy Award for Best DirectorBraveheart

Question 5: Richard Ian Cox as ________ / Moncho
Alive (1993 film)Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571Eastern Air Lines Flight 401Alitalia Flight 112

Question 6: ________ as older Carlitos Paez / Narrator (uncredited)
Laurence OlivierGeorge C. ScottJohn MalkovichFrank Galati

Question 7: The film then shifts to a small opening monologue by old Carlitos (________).
John MalkovichGeorge C. ScottFrank GalatiLaurence Olivier

Question 8: After that, it shifts to 1972 as ________ transports members of Stella Maris College's Old Christians rugby team and their family and friends to play a match in Chile.
Alitalia Flight 112Eastern Air Lines Flight 401Alive (1993 film)Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571

Question 9: Steven Shayler as ________
Eastern Air Lines Flight 401Alitalia Flight 112Alive (1993 film)Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571

Question 10: Jack Noseworthy as ________ / Bobby
Eastern Air Lines Flight 401Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571Alitalia Flight 112Alive (1993 film)


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