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Question 1: Pregnancy: other drugs such as ________ inhibitors, also acting on the renin-angiotensin system have been associated with fetal malformations and neonatal death[7]
Ace Records (UK)Ace YoungAce (disambiguation)ACE inhibitor

Question 2: and elsewhere) is the first in a class of drugs called direct ________ inhibitor.
ReninVasopressinPlasma renin activityErythropoietin

Question 3: ________ (particularly in volume-depleted patients)
HypotensionHypertensionPulmonary hypertensionAortic dissection

Question 4: Food and Drug Administration in 2007 for the treatment of primary ________.
Essential hypertensionAtherosclerosisHypertensionAortic dissection

Question 5: Renin is the first enzyme in the ________ which plays a role in blood pressure control.
Renin-angiotensin systemTubuloglomerular feedbackVasodilationHuman physiology

Question 6: ________ may increase blood concentration, however no dose adjustment needed.

Question 7: It directly causes arterial ________ to contract, leading to vasoconstriction and with it an increase in blood pressure.
Cardiac muscleSkeletal muscleSmooth muscleIntrafusal muscle fiber

Question 8: Rash, elevated uric acid, ________, and renal stones.
GoutRheumatoid arthritisAnkylosing spondylitisOsteoarthritis

Question 9: Angiotensin also stimulates the production of ________, which causes the tubules of the kidneys to increase re-uptake of sodium and water, increasing plasma volume and blood pressure.

Question 10: Aliskiren is a minor substrate of ________ and, more important, P-glycoprotein:


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