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Aliasing: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Aliasing have?
Sawtooth aliasing demo
Demo BGM
Two diverging tones with sawtooth waveform
Roine's Demo Bits

Question 2: It also refers to the ________ or artifact that results when the signal reconstructed from samples is different than the original continuous signal.
Johnson–Nyquist noiseDistortionJitterPhase distortion

Question 3:
What format does Aliasing follow?

Question 4: Waves must be sampled at more than two points per ________, or the wave arrival direction becomes ambiguous.
DiffractionElectromagnetic radiationWavelengthLight

Question 5: Temporal aliasing is a major concern in the sampling of ________ and audio signals.
HD DVDDigital videoBlu-ray DiscVideo

Question 6: Historically the term aliasing evolved from radio engineering because of the action of ________ receivers.
Detector (radio)Software-defined radioIntermediate frequencySuperheterodyne receiver

Question 7: Spatial aliasing, particular of angular frequency, can occur when reproducing a ________[3] or sound field with discrete elements, as in 3D displays or wave field synthesis of sound.
Computer graphicsLight fieldHolographyOptics

Question 8: Audio signals are sampled (digitized) with an ________, which produces a constant number of samples per second.
Nyquist–Shannon sampling theoremDigital-to-analog converterAnalog-to-digital converterPulse-code modulation

Question 9: If a piece of music is sampled at 32000 samples per second (sps), any frequency components above 16000 Hz (the Nyquist frequency) will cause aliasing when the music is reproduced by a ________ (DAC).
Dynamic rangeAnalog-to-digital converterDigital-to-analog converterNyquist–Shannon sampling theorem

Question 10: Techniques that avoid such poor pixelizations are called ________.
Rendering (computer graphics)Digital signal processingAnti-aliasingNyquist–Shannon sampling theorem


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