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Question 1:
What format does Alias (TV series) follow?
Sitcom / Science fiction
Documentary / Science
Action, drama, thriller, science fiction
Science and nature

Question 2:
How many seasons of Alias (TV series) have there been?

Question 3:
How many minutes did Alias (TV series) run for?
70 mins.
60/30 minutes
40 u2013 42 minutes
approx. 0:46

Question 4: Best Actress in a Television Series ________ (2004)
Glenn CloseJennifer GarnerKyra SedgwickEdie Falco

Question 5: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series ________ (2003)
Lena OlinIngmar BergmanÖrjan RambergStockholm

Question 6:
Who out of the following people is credited as a creator of Alias (TV series)?

Question 7:

Question 8:
What is Alias (TV series)'s current status?
Ended development in 2007 .
Ended with the 2006 Lebanon War

Question 9: Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series ________ (2004)
Edie FalcoGlenn CloseJennifer GarnerKyra Sedgwick

Question 10:
Where is Alias (TV series)?
North Castle
Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, California
Fort Ann

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