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Question 1:
What role did Jim Pirri play in the movie Alias?
Yuri Korelka/Tom
Karl Dreyer
Arvin Sloane
Marcus Dixon

Question 2:
Who played Elena Derevko the movie Alias?
Hilde De Baerdemaeker
Sonia Braga
Hilde Van Mieghem
Merrin Dungey

Question 3:
Who played Anthony Russek the movie Alias?
Miguel Sandoval
Tom De Hoog
David Anders
John Hannah

Question 4:
Who played Karl Dreyer the movie Alias?
Roger Moore
Tobin Bell
Michael Pas
Pol Goossen

Question 5:
Who played Patti the movie Alias?
Anne Le Ny
Hilde De Baerdemaeker
Hilde Van Mieghem
Veerle Dobbelaere

Question 6:
What role did Hilde Van Mieghem play in the movie Alias?
Sydney Bristow

Question 7:
What role did Pol Goossen play in the movie Alias?
Anthony Russek
Sam Hauser
Arvin Sloane

Question 8:
Who played Monsieur Troublette the movie Alias?
Ron Rifkin
Balthazar Getty
David Anders
Gérard Chaillou

Question 9:
What role did Amy Acker play in the movie Alias?
Sydney Bristow
Kelly Peyton
Madame Trajet

Question 10:
Who played Cécilia the movie Alias?
Caroline Brunner
Rachel Nichols
Mía Maestro
Anne Le Ny

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