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Ali Khamenei: Quiz


Question 1:
Where was Ali Khamenei born?

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4:
Who of the following was a child of Ali Khamenei?
Mojtaba, Mostafa, Masoud, Maytham, Hoda and Boshra
Albert Jr & Emily
Patrick R. Hagerthy
Jason Watt

Question 5: after a sermon in which he criticized the powers of the Supreme Leader," by ________ militia loyal to him.
IranBasijMahmoud AhmadinejadIranian Revolution

Question 6:
What religion does Ali Khamenei adhere to?

Question 7: In January 2007, after he had not been seen in public for some weeks, and hadn't appeared (as he traditionally does) at celebrations for ________, rumours spread of his illness or death.
Eid ul-FitrMawlidArabic literatureEid al-Adha

Question 8: His younger brother, ________, is a notable newspaper editor and cleric.
Ali KhameneiIranHadi KhameneiMohammad Khatami

Question 9:
How is Ali Khamenei described?
Supreme Leader of Iran since 1989
American musician
British television presenter

Question 10:
What office has Ali Khamenei held?
Dakar, Senegal
Minister of Trade and Industry
3rd President of Iran
Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies

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