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Question 1: This is a very common method of improving speed, so much so that some programming languages often add special features to support it, such as C++'s '________' keyword.
Immutable objectObject-oriented programmingFunctional programmingJava (programming language)

Question 2: JavaScript Object Notation (________) - human-readable format for representing simple data structures
JSONHTMLXMLOpera (web browser)

Question 3: This can often be reduced by preferring run-time decision making mechanisms (such as ________ and run-time type information) over certain compile-time decision making mechanisms (such as macro substitution and templates).
C++Virtual functionJava (programming language)Object-oriented programming

Question 4: (A conceptually similar method, ________, eliminates the instructions required to set up and terminate a loop by, instead; repeating the instructions inside the loop multiple times.
Loop unwindingBranch tableCompiler optimizationAssembly language

Question 5: Particularly in an ________ (although also applicable to HLL statements), the choice of a particular 'instruction' or data type, can have a large impact on execution efficiency.
Low-level programming languageAssembly languageProgramming paradigmMachine code

Question 6: ________ - a form of variable-length entropy encoding for efficient data compression
Audio compression (data)Information theoryCode excited linear predictionArithmetic coding

Question 7: This can be particularly relevant for quite 'lengthy' parameters such as html script, ________ source programs or extensive freeform text such as letters or emails.

Question 8: This can be particularly useful where a ________ may have embedded debugging code that is either active (testing mode) or inactive (production mode) depending upon some input parameter.
C (programming language)SubroutineAssembly languageProgramming language

Question 9: ________ can be used as an alternative to measure the instruction path length at the machine code level between selected execution paths, or on the entire execution.
Instruction set simulatorMicrocontrollerDebuggerProgramming language

Question 10: For structured programming and ________ in general, great emphasis is placed on designing programs as a hierarchy of (or at least a set of) subroutines.
Imperative programmingProcedural programmingFunctional programmingProgramming paradigm


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