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Question 1: Algonquian-speaking people also practiced agriculture, particularly south of the ________, where the climate allows for a longer growing season.
Arctic OceanOntarioJames BayGreat Lakes

Question 2: They had been charged with violating the same injunction as Lovelace and Sherman, but Frontenac Ventures declined to ________.
LawyerUnited StatesProsecutorScots law

Question 3: "Nibachis" — Located at Muskrat Lake near present-day ________.
Cobden, OntarioOttawa RiverWhitewater Region, OntarioAlgonquin

Question 4: Though known by several names in the past, the most common term "Algonquin" derives from the ________ word elakómkwik (IPA: [ɛlæˈɡomoɡwik]), "they are our relatives/allies".
Métis people (Canada)The Canadian Crown and Aboriginal peoplesMaliseetFirst Nations

Question 5: Members of the Algonquin tribe began a peaceful blockade of a uranium mining operation on their sacred lands north of ________ on June 29, 2007.
London, OntarioKingston, OntarioTorontoOttawa

Question 6: They prospered through the collection of ________ pelts from native traders' passing through their territory.
European BeaverBeaverNorth American BeaverGerman language

Question 7: Although the historical Algonquin society was largely hunting- and fishing-based, some Algonquin practiced agriculture and cultivated corn, ________, and squash, the famous "Three Sisters" of indigenous horticulture.
Pulse (legume)BeanSoybeanCommon bean

Question 8: The mostly Mohawk community became known as ________.
ChâteauguaySainte-Catherine, QuebecKahnawakeMercier, Quebec

Question 9: Copper ore was extracted north of ________ and distributed down to today's northern New York.
Great LakesLake MichiganLake HuronLake Superior

Question 10: Some joined the mission at Sillery, where they were mostly destroyed by an ________ epidemic by 1676.
PathologyPneumoniaICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseasesInfectious disease


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