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Algol: Quiz


Question 1: A ________ term from the 16th century was Caput Larvae 'Spectre's Head'.
Roman EmpireLatinVulgar LatinOld Latin

Question 2: It is one of the best known ________, the first such star to be discovered, and also one of the first (non-nova) variable stars to be discovered.
Planetary systemMultiple starBinary starStar system

Question 3: The novels Stargonauts and Bikini Planet by David S. Garnett depict Algol as a world ruled by sapient cats with a blend of ________ and matriarchy.
DemocracyAbsolute monarchyConstitutional monarchyRepublic

Question 4: Renowned at the time for its sets, it featured ________ as Mephisto, an alien from Algol.
1934 in film1939 in film1933 in filmEmil Jannings

Question 5: [6] Thus Algol became one of the first known ________.
Variable starStar systemStarBinary star

Question 6: Algol is also the name of the solar system featured in the original Phantasy Star series of role-playing video games on the ________ and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.
Sega Master SystemDreamcastSega SaturnSega SG-1000

Question 7: Algol A and Algol B are an eclipsing binary, because their orbital plane coincidentally contains the ________'s line of sight.

Question 8: Algol (β Per / Beta Persei), known colloquially as the Demon Star, is a bright star in the ________ Perseus.
Taurus (constellation)ConstellationCruxCanis Major

Question 9: It is known as 大陵五 (the Fifth Star of the Mausoleum) in ________, and also bore the grim name Tseih She (叠尸 - die2 shi1 in Modern Pinyin), meaning 'piled up corpses'.
Chinese astronomyTang DynastyShen KuoAstronomy in medieval Islam

Question 10: This system also exhibits variable activity in the form of x-ray and ________ flares.
Amateur radioMicrowaveRadioRadio broadcasting


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