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Question 1: In very high densities (________) these algae may discolor the water and outcompete, poison, or asphyxiate other life forms.
Marine conservationAlgal bloomMarine larval ecologyMarine biology

Question 2: ________ (1811—1866) was the first to divide the Algae into four divisions based on their pigmentation.
William Jackson HookerWilliam Henry HarveyWilliam McCallaUlster Museum

Question 3: Fish oil contains the omega-3 fatty acids, but the original source is algae (microalgae in particular), which are eaten by marine life such as ________ and are passed up the food chain.

Question 4: [23] The most complex forms are found among the green algae (see ________ and Charophyta), in a lineage that eventually led to the higher land plants.
EmbryophyteFlowering plantCharalesFern

Question 5: [19] Conceptacles are another polyphyletic trait; they appear in the ________ and the Hildenbrandiales, as well as the browns.
Coralline algaeScleractiniaCoral reefRugosa

Question 6: They are photosynthetic, like ________, and "simple" because they lack the many distinct organs found in land plants.
ArchaeplastidaFungusPlantRed algae

Question 7: [53] Laver is used to make "laver bread" in Wales where it is known as bara lawr; in Korea, gim; in ________, nori and aonori.
CambodiaJapanUnited KingdomCanada

Question 8: ________ on a large scale is an important type of aquaculture in some places.
Algal bloomAlgacultureCyanobacteriaPhytoplankton

Question 9: It is also used along the west coast of North America from California to ________, in Hawaii and by the Māori of New Zealand.
British ColumbiaAlbertaCanadaOntario

Question 10: The natural pigments produced by algae can be used as an alternative to chemical ________ and coloring agents.
MordantDyeCochinealAcid dye


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