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Question 1: [4] Treblinzki was executed by ________ on 8 October 1946[2][5] in Hamelin.
Capital punishmentCapital punishment in the United KingdomHangingCapital punishment in the United States

Question 2: Alfred Trzebinski (29 August 1902 – 8 October 1946) was an SS-physician at the Auschwitz, ________ and Neuengamme concentration camps in Nazi Germany.
Treblinka extermination campKraków GhettoAktion ErntefestMajdanek concentration camp

Question 3: His purpose had been to inject ________ bacteria and to excise the axillary lymph nodes.
LeprosyTuberculosisPathogenic bacteriaAnthrax

Question 4: Trzebinski was involved in the murder of 20 children at the subcamp ________, a former school partly destroyed during the bombing of Hamburg in World War II.
Neuengamme concentration campReinhard HeydrichThe HolocaustBullenhuser Damm

Question 5: Heißmeyer had ordered 20 Jewish children (10 boys and 10 girls) from the ________ camp to continue his experiments.
Action T4Auschwitz concentration campTreblinka extermination campOperation Reinhard

Question 6: On 1 February 1946 he was arrested—after working for the British forces in the POW camp Neumünster—because of the persistency of Anton Walter Freud, a grandchild of ________.
Immanuel KantWilliam JamesSigmund FreudExistentialism

Question 7: Trzebinski was member of the ________ and SS.
Nazi PartyAdolf HitlerNazismNazi Germany

Question 8: Heißmeier had done medical experiments on Soviet ________ and children.
SlaveryExilePrisoner of warHuman rights

Question 9: Trzebinski was camp physician (German: Lagerarzt) at the ________ from July 1941 until October 1941, and from October 1941 until September 1943 at the Majdanek camp.
Auschwitz concentration campOperation ReinhardAction T4Treblinka extermination camp

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