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Question 1: Alfred Tarski was born Alfred Teitelbaum (Polish spelling: "Tajtelbaum"), to parents who were Polish ________ in comfortable circumstances.
AntisemitismSephardi JewsJewsJewish ethnic divisions

Question 2: n-ary predicates in general: all predicates definable from the identity predicate together with conjunction, disjunction and ________ (up to any ordinality, finite or infinite).
Exclusive orTruth tableLogical connectiveNegation

Question 3: Tarski's first paper, published when he was 19 years old, was on ________, a subject to which he returned throughout his life.
Model theoryMathematical logicSet theoryGeorg Cantor

Question 4: Feferman (1999) raises problems for the proposal and suggests a cure: replacing Tarski's preservation by automorphisms with preservation by arbitrary ________.
Group (mathematics)HomomorphismVector spaceAlgebraic structure

Question 5: Thus he left Poland in August 1939, on the last ship to sail from Poland for the United States before the German invasion of Poland and the outbreak of ________.
Soviet occupationsCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 6: as expressing merely a ________ or as embodying truth as a more substantial property (see Kirkham 1992).
Epistemic theories of truthRedundancy theory of truthConfirmation holismDeflationary theory of truth

Question 7: Alfred Tarski (January 14, 1901, Warsaw, Russian-ruled Poland – October 26, 1983, ________) was a Polish logician and mathematician.
Berkeley, CaliforniaFremont, CaliforniaHayward, CaliforniaOakland, California

Question 8: ________: Tarski explicitly discusses only monadic quantifiers and points out that all such numerical quantifiers are admitted under his proposal.
First-order logicPropositional calculusQuantificationAmbiguity

Question 9: Relaxing the requirement that all individuals be spheres yields a formalization of ________ far easier to exposit than Lesniewski's variant.
Willard Van Orman QuineAlfred North WhiteheadAlfred TarskiMereology

Question 10: showed that many mathematical systems, including lattice theory, abstract projective geometry, and ________, are all undecidable.
Boolean algebra (structure)Modal logicAlgebraic structureInterior algebra


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