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Alexios III Angelos: Quiz


Question 1: In 1195, while Isaac II was away hunting in ________, Alexius was acclaimed as emperor by the troops with the conniving of Alexios' wife Euphrosyne Ducaena Camatera.
GreeceRoman EmpireThraciansThrace

Question 2: The able and forceful empress Euphrosyne Ducaena Camatera tried in vain to sustain his credit and his court; Vatatzes, the favourite instrument of her attempts at reform, was ________ by the emperor's orders.
AssassinationHonor killingInfanticideMass murder

Question 3: In July, the crusaders, led by the aged Doge ________, scaled the walls and took control of a major section.
Giovanni DolfinReniero ZenoEnrico DandoloAgnello Participazio

Question 4: He then took refuge in the church of ________ and from there appealed to the populace.
Chora ChurchHagia SophiaByzantine EmpireConstantinople

Question 5: Together with his father and brothers, Alexios had conspired against Emperor ________ (c.
Andronikos I KomnenosAlexios II KomnenosManuel I KomnenosJohn II Komnenos

Question 6: The crusaders, whose objective had been ________, were persuaded to set their course for Constantinople before which they appeared in June 1203, proclaiming Alexios as emperor and inviting the populace of the capital to depose his uncle.

Question 7: Here Alexius III eventually surrendered, with Euphrosyne, to Marquis ________, who was establishing himself as ruler of the Kingdom of Thessalonica.
Manuel I KomnenosFourth CrusadeConrad of MontferratBoniface I, Marquess of Montferrat

Question 8: Eirene Angelina, who married (1) Andronicus Contostephanus, and (2) Alexius Palaeologus, by whom she was the grandmother of Emperor ________.
Michael VIII PalaiologosAndronikos II PalaiologosJohn III Doukas VatatzesConstantine XI Palaiologos

Question 9: Later Alexios V was blinded and deserted by his father-in-law, who fled from the crusaders into ________.

Question 10: 1183), and thus he spent several years in exile in Muslim courts, including that of ________.
ShirkuhSaladinTuran-ShahAyyubid dynasty


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