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Question 1: Upon learning about ________'s system, he effected ship-to-shore communication over a distance of 6 miles in 1898 and 30 miles in 1899.
Guglielmo MarconiKarl Ferdinand BraunWilhelm RöntgenJames Franck

Question 2: Beginning in the early 1890s he continued the experiments of other radio pioneers, such as ________.
Isaac NewtonHenri BecquerelNikola TeslaHeinrich Hertz

Question 3: He died of a brain hemorrhage on December 31, 1905 which corresponds to January 13, 1906 in the ________.
Gregorian calendarTimeJulian calendarIslamic calendar

Question 4: His father ensured that Alexander received a good education at the seminary at ________, and later studying physics at the St. Petersburg university.
PermRussiaBereznikiChaykovsky, Perm Krai

Question 5: Further refined as a ________, it was presented to the Russian Physical and Chemical Society on May 7, 1895—the day has been celebrated in the Russian Federation as "Radio Day".
NephelometerLIDARWeather radarLightning detection

Question 6: A minor planet 3074 Popov discovered by Soviet astronomer ________ in 1979 is named after him.
Lyudmila Karachkina11792 SidorovskyLyudmila Zhuravlyova11446 Betankur

Question 7: In 1905 he became seriously ill, after being very uneasy about the suppression of a ________.
Free schoolStudents for a Democratic Society (1960 organization)Student activismYouth activism

Question 8: In 1894 he built his first radio receiver, a version of the ________.
Crystal radioCohererSpark-gap transmitterReceiver (radio)

Question 9: Born in the village Turinskiye Rudniki (now Krasnoturinsk, ________) in the Ural mountains as the son of a priest, he became interested in natural sciences early in his youth.
Krasnoyarsk KraiTyumen OblastBashkortostanSverdlovsk Oblast


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