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Question 1: On August 23, 1979, while on a tour with the ________ in New York City, Godunov contacted authorities and asked for political asylum.
Boris Godunov (opera)Mariinsky TheatreA Life for the TsarBolshoi Theatre

Question 2: Godunov joined the ________ and danced as a principal until 1982 when he had a falling-out with his long-time friend and director of the company Mikhail Baryshnikov.
San Francisco BalletNew York City BalletBallet ArizonaAmerican Ballet Theatre

Question 3:
What role did Alexander Godunov play in the videomovie The Money Pit?
Max Beissart, the Maestro
Jack Schnittman
Art Shirk

Question 4:
What role did Alexander Godunov play in the videomovie The Zone?
Lothar Krasna
Dick Althorp
Nektar Rakubian
Rowdy Welles

Question 5: Godunov was born in ________, Russian SFSR, USSR.
HokkaidōKuril IslandsSakhalinIturup

Question 6: [1] After dancing with the ________ as a principal and with different ballet companies as a guest star, he gave up ballet and turned to film acting.
Ballet ArizonaAmerican Ballet TheatreSan Francisco BalletNew York City Ballet

Question 7: He became a ________ citizen of the United States in 1987.
RefugeeIllegal immigrationNaturalizationNationality

Question 8: He joined the ________ in 1971 and rose to become premier dancer before defecting to the USA in 1979.
Mariinsky TheatreBoris Godunov (opera)Bolshoi TheatreA Life for the Tsar

Question 9: President ________ and Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev became involved in the incident.
Jimmy CarterLyndon B. JohnsonHarry S. TrumanJohn F. Kennedy

Question 10: He died in West Hollywood, ________, of alcoholism and complications of hepatitis at the age of 45.
CaliforniaLos AngelesSan Jose, CaliforniaSacramento, California

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