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Question 1: Bard returned to Sweden to study at the ________ from 1984 to 1988.
Stockholm UniversityRoyal Institute of TechnologyStockholm School of EconomicsSödertörn University

Question 2: Bard began to study Zoroastrianism in 1983, and was inducted to the faith in ________ in 1997 where he had his navjote performed by a priest (mobed) named Kamran Jamshidi.
TrollhättanGothenburgBoråsGothenburg Municipality

Question 3: Following the demise of Army Of Lovers, Bard founded Vacuum, a symphonic ________ project featuring Bard, Marina Schiptjenko (formerly of synthpop group Page), and newcomer Mattias Lindblom.
SynthpopRock musicIndustrial musicElectropop

Question 4: [1] After he had completed his upper secondary education, Bard studied in the United States and in ________, the Netherlands.

Question 5: Further releases did not do as well, except in ________ and Ukraine, and Bard left after only two albums.
MoscowUnited StatesRussiaRussian culture

Question 6: In addition to his studies in ________, he took a strong interest in Philosophy and Social Theory with the explicit aim of becoming a writer.
MoneyKeynesian economicsHeterodox economicsEconomics

Question 7: While living in Amsterdam, he earned part of his living as a ________.
Sex industryMelissa FarleySex workerFeminist views on prostitution

Question 8: He reformed ________ briefly in 2000 for a handful of new tracks and a greatest hits collection, and later co-wrote and co-produced the first two Alcazar albums.
Crucified (song)Les Greatest HitsHurrah Hurrah Apocalypse – The Definitive Video CollectionArmy of Lovers

Question 9: Their debut single I Breathe was one of the fastest selling singles in Sweden in 1997 and also topped the singles chart in ________.

Question 10: After abandoning work on a second Barbie album, Bard formed ________ with two of Barbie's entourage, Jean-Pierre Barda and La Camilla.
Crucified (song)Hurrah Hurrah Apocalypse – The Definitive Video CollectionArmy of LoversLes Greatest Hits

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