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Question 1:
When was Alexa Internet founded?
1939 /1996
1996 in Lancaster, California
Georgetown University, 1996

Question 2:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Alexa Internet?

Question 3: [5] In 1998 the company donated a copy of the archive, 2 terabytes back then, to the ________.
Library of CongressUnited States CapitolUnited States CongressUnited States House of Representatives

Question 4:
Which of these is a Alexa Internet product?

Question 5:
Where is Alexa Internet?
1150 Francisco St
San Francisco, California, USA
Global, based in San Francisco
NE corner of 7th and Mission Sts., San Francisco, California

Question 6: Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California based subsidiary company of ________ that is known for its toolbar and website.

Question 7: [3] Alexa continues to supply the Internet Archive with ________.
Web search engineArachnode.netIndex (search engine)Web crawler

Question 8: This database served as the basis for the creation of the Internet Archive accessible through the ________.
Wayback MachineWeb archivingCapricorn TechnologiesWebCite

Question 9: In 1999, Alexa was acquired by ________ for about $250 million in Amazon stock[6] as the company moved away from its original vision of providing an 'intelligent' search engine.

Question 10: [2] The company's name was chosen in homage to the ________,[3] drawing a parallel between the largest repository of knowledge in the ancient world to the potential of the Internet.
ArchimedesLibrary of AlexandriaThalesDemocritus

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