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Alex Kidd: Quiz


Question 1: In the mid-to-late 1980s, Alex Kidd overtook the character of "Opa-Opa" from the game ________ as the official mascot for the Sega Corporation.
Sonic & Sega All-Stars RacingSpace HarrierFantasy ZoneAlex Kidd: The Lost Stars

Question 2: There is an homage to Alex Kidd in ________, where the names of Alex and Stella (Alex's girlfriend from the arcade version of Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars) appear on gravestones in the first round.
Sega Master SystemMega DriveAltered BeastSega Genesis Collection

Question 3: Alex Kidd was the protagonist of several video games over the years, spanning various platforms, and appeared in the arcade and on the ________ and the Mega Drive/Genesis home consoles.
DreamcastSega Master SystemSega SG-1000Sega Saturn

Question 4: Alex Kidd appears as a ________-like boy with large ears, a red jumpsuit, and oversized fists.
MonkeyPrimateHominidaeOld World monkey

Question 5: One of his most recent appearances was in the ________ game Segagaga, where he works in a video game store.
Sega Master SystemDreamcastSega SaturnMega Drive

Question 6: Alex appears several times as collectable toys in the ________ game, Shenmue, and the Dreamcast/Xbox sequel Shenmue II, this marked the first time Alex has ever appeared on a non-Sega console.
Sega Master SystemMega DriveDreamcastSega Saturn

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