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Question 1: After finding where he is, they break him out of a mysterious room where he has been undergoing ________.
PropagandaMind controlAngerBullying

Question 2: [7] After he is initiated[8], Alex approaches Locke, and gives him a ________, claiming he'll need it if he was planning to meet the leader of the Others, Jacob.
HandgunFirearmSemi-automatic pistolBrowning Hi-Power

Question 3: Her teacher, ________, holds her in high regard, telling her her future is nothing to worry about.
Lost (TV series)Lost (season 5)Ben LinusLost (season 3)

Question 4: She was born 16 years prior to the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, but was taken from her mother, ________ (Mira Furlan) by the Others.
Danielle RousseauMeet Kevin JohnsonLost (TV series)Lost (season 3)

Question 5: That night, Benjamin Linus and a young Ethan Rom (William Mapother) are ordered by Charles Widmore (________) to kill Danielle and, subsequently, her baby, Alex.
Lost (TV series)Ugly BettyAlan DaleThe X-Files

Question 6: Sixteen years later, Alex meets the pregnant woman ________ (Emilie de Ravin), whom the Other, Ethan Rom, had kidnapped to take her baby.
Christian ShephardThere's No Place Like HomeLost (TV series)Claire Littleton

Question 7: However, Reynolds retaliates by saying if he is blackmailed, he will not write Alex a letter of recommendation for ________.
Harvard UniversityPrinceton UniversityBrown UniversityYale University

Question 8: Alex, Kate, Sawyer, and Karl are about to leave when Juliet (________) insists Alex stays.
ER (TV series)Lost (TV series)CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationElizabeth Mitchell

Question 9: In ________, Alex is a bright high school student in Los Angeles hoping to major in history.
Dr. LinusLost (TV series)Lost (season 6)Lost (season 4)

Question 10: Jeff Jensen from ________ described Alex's death scene as "hardcore", commenting that it will be "sitting very high on this ranking of all-time pivotal Lost moments" by the end of the series.
Money (magazine)People (magazine)Sports IllustratedEntertainment Weekly


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