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Alevi: Quiz


Question 1: Alevi are sometimes called "________" and some embrace this name.
QizilbashTwelverMashhadShia Islam

Question 2: Hidrellez honors the mysterious figure Khidr (Turkish Hizir) who is sometimes identified with the prophet ________ (Ilyas), and is said to have drunk of the water of life.

Question 3: Alevis are classified as a branch of Shi'a Islam; however, some Alevis are not comfortable being classified as ________ Shi'a, since there are differences in Alevi beliefs, traditions and rituals when compared to other sects.
East–West SchismOrthodoxyOrthodox ChurchChristianity

Question 4: Alevis admire Mensur El-Halac, a 10th century Sufi executed in ________ for blasphemy for saying “I am Truth” (Ana al-Haqq).

Question 5: Alevism is also closely related to the ________ Sufi lineage, in the sense that both venerate Hajji Bektash Wali (Turkish: Hacibektaş Veli), a saint of the 13th century.
TwelverShia IslamImamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)Bektashi

Question 6: Still others detect the influence of Orthodox (Byzantine) or Armenian Christianity or ________.

Question 7: Many events are associated with this celebration, including the salvation of Hussain's son ________ from the massacre at Karbala, thus allowing the bloodline of the family of the prophet to continue.
Zayn al-AbidinHusayn ibn AliMuhammad al-BaqirHasan ibn Ali

Question 8: Nonetheless, Ayatollah ________ decreed Alevis to be part of the Shi'a fold in the 1970s.
Anwar El SadatRuhollah KhomeiniIranian RevolutionRonald Reagan

Question 9: While Alevism does not recognize an obligation to go on pilgrimage, visiting ziyarat and performing ________ at the tombs of Alevi-Bektashi saints or Pirs is quite common.
Islamic theologyIslamIslam and other religionsDua

Question 10: The town of Ilkhichi (İlxıçı), which is located 87 km south west of ________ is almost entirely populated by Alevis.
Haidarzadeh houseImamiehTabrizAzerbaijan Museum

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