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Question 1: Unlike the Eskimo languages, Aleut is not an ________.
Nominative–accusative languageErgative–absolutive languageAgglutinative languageMorphosyntactic alignment

Question 2: This ________ project was based on Veniaminov's work.
American EnglishSouth AfricaEnglish languageCanada

Question 3: Within the Eastern group are the dialects of ________, Belkofski, Akutan, the Pribilof Islands, Kashega and Nikolski.
Juneau, AlaskaUnalaska, AlaskaKodiak, AlaskaSitka, Alaska

Question 4: A typological feature shared by Aleut and Eskimo is ________ derivational morphology, which can lead to some rather long words:
Morphological typologyPolysynthetic languageMayan languagesAgglutinative language

Question 5: At that time the Imperial Academy of Sciences in ________ became interested in the Aleut language upon hearing of Russian expeditions for trading.
Leningrad OblastMoscowBashkortostanSaint Petersburg

Question 6: Notions which in English are expressed by means of ________ and adverbs are generally expressed in Aleut using verbs or postbases (derivational suffixes).
Preposition and postpositionGerundNounAdjective

Question 7: So-called "positional nouns" are a special, closed set of nouns which may take the locative and/or ablative noun cases; in these cases they behave essentially as ________.
Preposition and postpositionCopula (linguistics)InfinitiveVerb

Question 8: Nouns are obligatorily marked for ________ (singular, dual, or plural) and for "case" (absolutive or relative; some researchers, notably Anna Berge, dispute both the characterization of this feature as "case" and the names "absolutive" and "relative".
Noun classGrammatical genderGrammatical numberClusivity

Question 9: In 1944, the ________ published The Aleut Language as part of the war effort, allowing World War II soldiers to understand the language of the Aleuts.
United States Environmental Protection AgencyNational Park ServiceUnited States Department of AgricultureUnited States Department of the Interior

Question 10: Most Aleut words can be classified as ________ or verbs.
Article (grammar)Preposition and postpositionNounAdjective


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