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Alessandro Marcello: Quiz


Question 1: A slightly older contemporary of ________, Marcello held concerts at his hometown of Venice.
Antonio VivaldiBaroque musicWolfgang Amadeus MozartJohann Sebastian Bach

Question 2: Alessandro Marcello (24 August 1669 – 19 June 1747) was an Italian nobleman and dilettante who excelled in various areas, including poetry, philosophy, ________ and, perhaps most notably, music.
GeometryMathematicsSet theoryMathematical logic

Question 3: A concerto Marcello wrote in D minor for oboe, strings and ________ is perhaps his best-known work.
ClefFigured bassModern musical symbolsOrnament (music)

Question 4: Its worth was attested to by ________ who transcribed it for harpsichord (BWV 974).
Johann PachelbelFugueBaroque musicJohann Sebastian Bach

Question 5: He composed and published several sets of ________, including six concertos under the title of La Cetra (The Lyre), as well as cantatas, arias, canzonets, and violin sonatas.
Cello concertoBassoonCelloConcerto

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