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Alessandro Del Piero: Quiz


Question 1: He's also been nicknamed by the fans "Il Fenomeno Vero"[21] meaning "The Real Phenomenon", in a sort of comparison with Ronaldo, who was nicknamed "Il Fenomeno" by rival supporters of ________.
Juventus F.C.F.C. Internazionale Milano season 2007–08A.C. MilanF.C. Internazionale Milano

Question 2:
What is Alessandro Del Piero also known as?
Nilsson, Anna Quirentia
McCauley, Rosa Louise
Del Piero, Alessandro
Albrecht, Hardie Hunter

Question 3:
Where was Alessandro Del Piero born?

Question 4:
Who of the following was a referee in Alessandro Del Piero?
E. Aladren
Mohammad Taqi A Jahari
Abas Daud
Benito Archundia

Question 5:
When was Alessandro Del Piero born?

Question 6:
How is Alessandro Del Piero described?
United States Army Medal of Honor recipient
Inuit chief
Indian Gaudiya Vaishnava spiritual leader, scientist, writer and poet

Question 7:
What is the full name of Alessandro Del Piero?
Alessandro Potenza
Alessandro Felipe Oltramari
Demetrio Alessandro Greco
Alessandro Del Piero

Question 8: [23] Del Piero never had a calm relation with Fabio Capello though, evident from the quote on his official site "If Capello would have stayed as coach of Juventus, I would have left ________".
Juventus F.C.S.S. LazioF.C. Internazionale MilanoGenoa C.F.C.

Question 9:
How many people attended Alessandro Del Piero?

Question 10:
What club did Alessandro Del Piero play for in his youth?
Slavoj Jarou0161ov
San Vendemiano
SV Heslach

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