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Alessandria: Quiz


Question 1: During the years of the ________, Alessandria was an active center of the liberals.
Italian unificationItalian RenaissanceItalian WarsItaly

Question 2: In a suburb, Spinetta Marengo, the Battle of Marengo is ________ annually, on June 14.
Fan clubFandomHistorical reenactmentFan fiction

Question 3: info) (Lissandria in Piedmontese) is a city and comune in ________, and the capital of the Province of Alessandria.
LiguriaPiedmontAosta ValleyLombardy

Question 4: ________ (born 1943), footballer
Patrizia ToiaGianni RiveraAlessandra MussoliniGianni De Michelis

Question 5: Urbano Rattazzi (1808–1873), statesman of the ________
Italian RenaissanceItalian WarsItalian unificationItaly

Question 6: In 1348 Alessandria fell into the hands of the Visconti and passed with their possessions to the Sforza, following the career of Milan, until 1707, when it was ceded to the ________ and henceforth formed part of Piedmont.
Hohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of HabsburgHouse of BourbonHouse of Savoy

Question 7: Alessandria was granted a charter as a free commune in 1198, but entered into jealous conflicts with the older communes of the region, in particular with ________.
AstiCostigliole d'AstiCalossoCanelli

Question 8: ________ (born 1932), writer
Claudio MagrisUmberto EcoAlberto BevilacquaCarlo Cassola

Question 9: With Napoleon's success at the ________, it fell to France and became the capital of the Napoleonic Département of Marengo.
Battle of MarengoFrench Revolutionary WarsBattle of Montebello (1800)Battle of Cassano (1799)

Question 10: From 1814 Alessandria was Savoyard territory once more, part of the ________.
SicilyItalyPiedmontKingdom of Sardinia


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