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Question 1: The original context of this prayer was as part of the middle paragraphs of the ________ prayer in the additional service on Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), and more specifically in the passage known as Malchuyot (the kingdom of God).
Jewish servicesJudaismAmidahYom Kippur

Question 2: Aleinu (Hebrew: עָלֵינוּ, "ours" here to be understood as: "it is upon us, it is our obligation or duty") is a Jewish ________ found in the siddur, the classical Jewish prayerbook.
Abrahamic religionsPrayerMeditationReligion

Question 3: However, the modern scholarly view is that the prayer was composed in Talmudic times for the mussaf liturgy on ________.
PassoverYom KippurRosh HashanahHanukkah

Question 4: The sentence in ________ is a quote from the Bible, Isaiah 45:20.
HyphenItalic typeTypographyDash

Question 5: This has been accepted in all communities except for the ________, who retain the "short Alenu".
Spanish and Portuguese JewsSephardi JewsSynagogueJewish philosophy

Question 6: Conservative & ________ Rabbi Reuven Hammer comments on the excised sentence:
MasortiRabbinical AssemblyModern Orthodox JudaismHalakha

Question 7: The following is the first half of the current ________ version of the prayer (there is also a second paragraph, which some traditions omit, though it is a standard part of the Ashkenazi orthodox liturgy).
JewsJewish ethnic divisionsSephardi JewsAshkenazi Jews

Question 8: It is recited at the end of each of the three daily ________.
AmidahMikvehJewish servicesSeudah Shlishit

Question 9: No foreknowledge had they who carry their wooden images and pray to a God who cannot give success." (New JPS) It was omitted in most ________ prayer books.
Ashkenazi JewsSephardi JewsJewish ethnic divisionsJews

Question 10: (It is still present in ________ and Italian prayer books.) In most Orthodox Jewish siddurim (prayer books) this line has been restored, and the practice of reciting it has increased.
Sephardi JewsMizrahi JewsSpanish and Portuguese JewsAshkenazi Jews


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