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Question 1: by increased plasma ________, ACTH, or potassium levels, which are present in proportion to plasma sodium deficiencies.
AngiotensinVasodilationHuman physiologyRenin-angiotensin system

Question 2:
What is the chemical name of Aldosterone (IUPAC)
uraniumdioxide di-ammonium carbonate
dihydrogen dioxide
N-Methyl-N-pentylnitrous amide

Question 3: They are located within the mitochondria and require ________ as a cofactor (except 21-hydroxylase and 17α-hydroxylase).
FerredoxinCytochromeSulfurCytochrome P450

Question 4: One example is ________ which lowers blood pressure by blocking the aldosterone receptor.

Question 5: by ________, a lipid factor, obtained from pineal extracts.

Question 6: ________ is another important member of this class.

Question 7: Unlike ________, classic steroid receptors are intracellular.
Eicosanoid receptorPurinergic receptorG protein-coupled receptorNeurotransmitter receptor

Question 8: Aldosterone may act on the ________ via the posterior pituitary gland to release vasopressin (ADH) which serves to conserve water by direct actions on renal tubular reabsorption.
NeuronGrey matterCentral nervous systemWhite matter

Question 9: The ________ is sometimes used to stimulate the production of aldosterone along with cortisol to determine if primary or secondary adrenal insufficiency is present.
VasopressinHuman physiologyReninACTH stimulation test

Question 10: ACTH, a pituitary peptide, also has some stimulating effect on aldosterone probably by stimulating ________ formation which is a precursor of aldosterone.

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