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Question 1: ________ - neutrophilic invasion is triggered by the necrotic changes and presence of cellular debris within the lobules.
MeningitisVasculitisLeukocyte extravasationInflammation

Question 2: Alcoholic hepatitis can vary from mild with only liver enzyme elevation to severe liver inflammation with development of jaundice, prolonged ________, and even liver failure.
Partial thromboplastin timeD-dimerProthrombin timeBlood plasma

Question 3: Alcoholic hepatitis is ________ (inflammation of the liver) due to excessive intake of alcohol.

Question 4: Ballooning degeneration - hepatocytes in the setting of alcoholic change often swell up with excess fat, water and ________; normally these proteins are exported into the bloodstream.

Question 5: This is called alcoholic steato________ and the inflammation probably predisposes to liver fibrosis.

Question 6: Mild cases are self-limiting, but severe cases have a high risk of ________.
DeathBurialImmortalityDeath and culture

Question 7: Symptoms are jaundice, ________ (fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity), fatigue and hepatic encephalopathy (brain dysfunction due to liver failure).
HaemobiliaGastrointestinal bleedingAscitesHemoperitoneum

Question 8: While distinct from ________, it is regarded as the earliest stage of alcoholic liver disease.
HepatitisAcute liver failureHepatorenal syndromeCirrhosis

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