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Alcibiades: Quiz


Question 1:
Where did Alcibiades die?
Omaha, Nebraska

Question 2: [141] Alcibiades also figures in the satirical Picture This by ________ and in William Shakespeare's Timon of Athens.
Closing Time (novel)Joseph HellerNo Laughing Matter (book)Catch-22

Question 3: One night during preparations for the expedition, the hermai, heads of the god ________ on a plinth with a phallus, were mutilated throughout Athens.
HeraGreek mythologyApolloHermes

Question 4:
When was Alcibiades born?
450 BC

Question 5:
When did Alcibiades die?
404 BC

Question 6: There he served as an adviser to the ________ Tissaphernes until his Athenian political allies brought about his recall.
SatrapMedesAchaemenid EmpireAchaemenid Assyria

Question 7: [108] He also appears as a character in several Socratic dialogues (Symposium, Protagoras, Alcibiades I and II, as well as the eponymous dialogues by ________ and Antisthenes).
SocratesThemistoclesAeschines of SphettusAspasia

Question 8:
On what date was Alcibiades born?
c. 3000 BC
Vancouver, BC, Canada
c. 450 BC
248 BC

Question 9: [104] Sharon Press of ________ points out that Xenophon emphasizes Alcibiades' service to the state, rather than the harm he was charged with causing it.
Harvard UniversityBrown UniversityYale UniversityPrinceton University

Question 10:
How is Alcibiades described?
Athenian statesman, orator, and general
Theban general and statesman
as an Italian statesman, novelist and painter
British businessman, politician, and statesman.

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