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Alcalde: Quiz


Question 1: In modern Spanish, it is just the equivalent to a mayor, and is used to mean the local, executive officer in municipalities throughout Spain and ________.
Latin American cultureSouth AmericaAmericasLatin America

Question 2: As fortified settlements in the area between the Duero and ________ rivers became true urban centers, they gained, from their feudal lords or the kings of Leon and Castile, the right to have councils.

Question 3: In the autonomous Spanish cities of ________ and Melilla, however, their alcaldes-presidentes have greater powers than their peninsular colleagues.
TangierPortugalMascarene IslandsCeuta

Question 4: The office of the alcalde evolved during the ________ as new lands were settled by the expanding kingdoms of Leon and Castile.
ReconquistaInquisitionCrusadesSpanish Inquisition

Question 5: This title continued to be in use in the Southwest United States after the ________ until a permanent political and judicial system could be established.
Spanish–American WarMexican–American WarPhilippine–American WarAmerican Civil War

Question 6: Because the ________ incorporated parts of the former Viceroyalty of New Spain, the office has had some influence in the local political and legal developments of those areas and is mentioned in judicial cases.
PhilippinesAlaskaCanadaUnited States

Question 7: In Texas, the position of county judge was based on that of the alcalde which had existed in the state prior to the ________.
Texas RevolutionMexican TexasJames BowieAnahuac Disturbances

Question 8: The cabildo was taken to the Americas and Philippines by the Spanish ________.
Pre-Columbian eraIndigenous Amerindian geneticsConquistadorPaleo-Indians


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