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Alboin: Quiz


Question 1: In these few years the Lombards had established themselves in the north of Italy (henceforth ________).

Question 2: The great migration started on ________ on April 2, 568.
Good FridayEaster postcardPalm SundayEaster Monday

Question 3: The Lombards under king Wacho had migrated toward the east in Pannonia taking advantage of the difficulties that the ________ in Italy had suffered following the death of its founder Theodoric in 526.
Justinian IOstrogothsByzantine EmpireOstrogothic Kingdom

Question 4: Charles Oman, The ________ 476-918.
MedievalismEarly Middle AgesDark AgesMiddle Ages

Question 5: The season chosen for leaving Pannonia was surprisingly early: generally ________ before beginning a migration waited for autumn, so that they could do the harvesting and replenish their granaries for the march.
FrisiansSuebiGermanic ChristianityGermanic peoples

Question 6: This sticks with Paul the Deacon's narrative, who speaks of a Lombard takeover in ________ was actuated "without any hindrance".
FriuliTaraspAustrian CircleAquileia

Question 7: Alboin (died 572) was king of the Lombards, and conqueror of ________.

Question 8: The primary sources for the history of Alboin include Paul the Deacon, the Byzantine ________, and Andreas Agnellus (in his history of the church of Ravenna).
BelisariusByzantine EmpireJustinian IProcopius

Question 9: Their power extended tenuously across the Apennines into Liguria and Tuscany, and southwards to the outlying Lombard dukedoms of Spoleto and ________.

Question 10: But the most important group were other than the Lombards the ________, of which 20,000 participated to the trek.
SaxonsGermanic peoplesAnglo-SaxonsFranks

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