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Albertus Magnus: Quiz


Question 1:
When was Albertus Magnus born?
c. 1193/c. 1206

Question 2: In his ________, Dante places Albertus with his pupil Thomas Aquinas among the great lovers of wisdom (Spiriti Sapienti) in the Heaven of the Sun.
PurgatorioDivine ComedyInferno (Dante)Dante Alighieri

Question 3:
How is Albertus Magnus described?
Dominican friar
Chilean footballer
American football player
Indian Gaudiya Vaishnava spiritual leader, scientist, writer and poet

Question 4: The Incorruptibles, a list of Catholic saints and beati whose bodies are reported to be ________.
Josaphat KuntsevychIncorruptibilityOrthodox ChurchCatholic Church

Question 5:
When did Albertus Magnus die?

Question 6:
When is Albertus Magnus's birthday?
ca. 1925
ca. 1193/1206
ca. 1665
ca. 1150

Question 7: In 1270 he preached the eighth Crusade in ________.
Czech RepublicPolandAustriaHungary

Question 8: The Albertus Magnus Building at the ________ that houses the Conservatory of Music, College of Tourism and Hospitality Management, College of Education, and UST Education High School is named in honor of Albertus Magnus.
UST Growling Tigers2006 UST Growling Tigers men's basketball teamUniversity of Santo Tomas High SchoolUniversity of Santo Tomas

Question 9:

Question 10: A number of schools are named after Albert, including Albertus Magnus High School, in Bardonia, New York, the Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium in Regensburg, and Albertus Magnus College in ________.
New Haven, ConnecticutWaterbury, ConnecticutHartford, ConnecticutBridgeport, Connecticut


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