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Question 1: Korda Says, “Nearing 30, I was heading toward a frivolous life when an exceptional event transformed my life: The ________.
Fidel CastroNon-Aligned MovementCuban RevolutionCold War

Question 2: From 1968 to 1978 he concentrated on ________ until a Japanese exhibition in 1978 stimulated international interest in his work.
Underwater photographyFocal lengthDigital photographyFisheye lens

Question 3: In 2000, he sued ________ over the use of the image in advertisement.
SmirnoffHouse of FabergéArarat (brandy)Steinway & Sons

Question 4: The truth is that Korda gave the picture for free to Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, an Italian publisher who had published ________ and went on to publish Castro's diaries.
Doctor ZhivagoBoris PasternakDoctor Zhivago (film)Doctor Zhivago (TV serial)

Question 5: After the revolution, Korda became ________'s personal photographer for 10 years, accompanying Castro on trips and in meetings with foreign personalities.
Gerald FordFidel CastroJoseph StalinJimmy Carter

Question 6: Korda suffered a fatal heart attack in ________ in 2001 while presenting an exhibition of his work.
MarseilleÉvry, EssonneParisVersailles

Question 7: In 1969 Fidel went back to the ________, the remote mountain region, where the revolutionary army began its attacks on the army of the Batista regime.
Fidel CastroGerardo MachadoSierra MaestraCuba

Question 8: [2] The ________ was the turning point in Korda`s career.
Cuban RevolutionFidel CastroNon-Aligned MovementCold War

Question 9: However, he told a ________ reporter that he did approve of the 1999 Che Jesus adaptation of the image used by the Churches Advertising Network to promote church attendance in the UK.
Fox News ChannelBBC World ServiceCNNNational Public Radio

Question 10: Fidel’s travels took Korda all around Cuba, oversees, and the ________.
Soviet UnionJoseph StalinEast GermanyRussia


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