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Question 1: Rights to use the ________ in education and government were given and guaranteed by the 1974 Constitution of SFRY and were widely utilized in Macedonia and in Montenegro before Dissolution of Yugoslavia[31].
English languageGerman languageAlbanian languageArmenian language

Question 2: The second group is that of the ________ and their descendents, in Epirus, in northwestern Greece.
Cham issueCham AlbaniansIV "Ali Demi" battalionChameria

Question 3:
Where did Antonio Gramsci die?
Downey, California
Gu00FCmligen near Berne, Switzerland
Rome, Italy
Withington, Manchester, England

Question 4:
What is the population of Albanians?

Question 5:
What did Mother Teresa do for a living?
Social worker, humanitarian
Catholic nun, humanitarian
Actor, gardener, humanitarian, activist

Question 6: Predominantly Muslim and a significant ________ minority; in Albania with a large minority professing non-religious
EcumenismChristian denominationBaptistChristianity

Question 7: This fragment of a legend from the time of ________ endeavours, in a catechismal 'question and answer' form, to explain the origins of peoples and languages.
Simeon I of BulgariaSamuel of BulgariaIvan Alexander of BulgariaBoris I of Bulgaria

Question 8: Roughly half of Albanians live in ________, with other large groups residing in Kosovo[a], the Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSerbiaAlbaniaCroatia

Question 9: In ________ and New Zealand 22,000 in total.
CanadaUnited KingdomBarbadosAustralia

Question 10:
How is Eliza Dushku described?
Australian politician.
King of Northumbria
Professional footballer

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