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Alba Longa: Quiz


Question 1: ________ said of Alba Longa that it was founded by Ascanius to relieve crowding at Lavinium.
Classical LatinAncient RomeRoman EmpireLivy

Question 2: In the ________ the Romans under king Tullus Hostilius went to war with Alba Longa which was at that time ruled by Gaius Cluilius.
6th century BC5th century BC8th century BC7th century BC

Question 3: Mettius and the Albans were ordered to march to battle with Tullus and the Romans, and they met the Etruscans on the far side of the Anio, on the banks of the ________.
SabineLazioLake BolsenaTiber River

Question 4: Cluilius however, died in the camp of unspecified causes and the Albans then appointed Mettius Fufetius ________ [5].
DictatorshipMilitary dictatorshipItalyDictator

Question 5: He also recruited ten new turmae of ________ from amongst the Albans, and a new legion [12].
Equestrian orderAuxiliaries (Roman military)Ancient RomeRoman Navy

Question 6: According to the accounts of Dionysius of Halicarnassus, the kings of Alba Longa gave a direct line of descent between Ascanius and ________.
Romulus and RemusPontifex MaximusRoman KingdomAncient Rome

Question 7: Tullus built a new senate-house, the Curia Hostilia, to house the enlarged ________.
Roman SenateAncient RomeRoman KingdomRoman Magistrates

Question 8: Paolo at Palazzola, near Albano, or with Coste Caselle, near Marino, or finally with ________.
VelletriRomeAricciaCastel Gandolfo

Question 9: In legend, ________, founders of Rome, had come from the royal dynasty of Alba Longa.
Romulus and RemusRoman KingdomAncient RomePontifex Maximus

Question 10: The pretext for war was that some Roman and Alban peasants had plundered each other's lands, although according to ________ the real reason was Tullus Hostilius' warlike disposition.
LivyAncient RomeRoman EmpireClassical Latin


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