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Alb: Quiz


Question 1: But it has been officially approved in some countries such as the Philippines [2] and in ________.
FloridaHawaiiAlaskaUnited States

Question 2: Since then, this detail has fallen out of style, except in parts of the ________ movement and some very traditional Roman Catholic parishes.
AnglicanismCatholicismAnglo-CatholicismHigh church

Question 3: In many Anglican parishes, the alb is decorated with ________.
WoolClothingDress codeSilk

Question 4: The alb, one of the liturgical vestments of the Roman Catholic, ________ and many Protestant churches, is an ample white garment coming down to the ankles and usually girdled with a cincture.
Episcopal Church (United States)CatholicismEcumenical councilAnglicanism

Question 5: Nowadays, the alb is the common vestment for all ministers at Mass, both clerics and laypersons, and is worn over the ________ and under any other special garments, such as the stole, dalmatic or chasuble.
SurpliceCassockChoir dressBishop

Question 6: The shortening of the alb for use outside a church has given rise to the surplice and its cousin the rochet, worn by canons and ________.
BishopLutheranismCatholicismStole (vestment)

Question 7: It is the oldest liturgical vestment, and was adopted very early by ________, and especially by the clergy for the Eucharistic liturgy.
Catholic ChurchJesusChristianChristianity


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