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Alaska Purchase: Quiz


Question 1: Many believe that Alaska was not sold, but rented for 99 years, and supposedly ________ refused to take it back.
Joseph StalinMikhail GorbachevLeonid BrezhnevYuri Andropov

Question 2: The Russians were settled at 23 trading posts, placed conveniently on the islands and ________.
CoastCoral reefEstuaryBeach

Question 3: "Soon the world would see in the northwest "a hostile cockney with a watchful ________ on each side of him," and John Bull would be led to understand that his only course was a sale of his interests there to Brother Jonathan."
United StatesNew EnglandYankeeConnecticut

Question 4: Alaska. Speech of William H. Seward at Sitka, August 12, 1869 (1869; Digitized page images & text), ________.
HistoriographySocial sciencesPrimary sourceSecondary source

Question 5: The Alaska Purchase was the purchase of ________ by the United States from the Russian Empire in 1867.
AlaskaNorthwestern United StatesHawaiiWashington

Question 6: The troops occupied the barracks; General Jefferson C. Davis established his residence in the governor's house, and most of the Russian citizens went home, leaving a few traders and ________ who chose to remain.
Liturgical bookBishopPriestLutheranism

Question 7: The ________ ratified the treaty on April 9, 1867, by a vote of 37-2.
United States Senate111th United States CongressHart Senate Office BuildingUnited States Congress

Question 8: On March 3, Sumner made a major speech advocating the treaty, and covering in depth the history, the ________, the natural configuration, the population, the resources — the forests, mines, furs, fisheries — of Alaska.
RainPrecipitation (meteorology)ClimateMeteorology

Question 9: While Alaska attracted little interest at the time, the population of nearby ________ started to increase rapidly after hostilities ended.
CanadaOntarioAlbertaBritish Columbia

Question 10: Russian and American soldiers paraded in front of the governor's house; the Russian flag was lowered and the American flag raised amid peals of ________.
Military historyNaval warfareArtillerySiege

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