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Question 1:
Who played U.S. Marshal John Masters the videomovie Alaska?
Vincent Kartheiser
Duncan Fraser
Dean Jagger
Dean Jagger

Question 2:
What role did Nils Asther play in the videomovie Alaska?
Thomas La Roux
Jake Barnes
John Reagan

Question 3: What does the following picture show?

  Alaska Railroad "Glacier Discovery" train.
  Alaska oil production peaked in 1988 and has declined 65% since.
  St. Michael's Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Sitka, Alaska
  U.S. troops negotiate snow and ice during the Battle of Attu in May 1943.

Question 4: According to the ________, Alaska ranks second in the nation in crude oil production.
Federal Energy Regulatory CommissionEnergy Information AdministrationEconomic Research ServiceNational Agricultural Statistics Service

Question 5:
What role did Frank Ketelaar play in the videomovie Alaska?
Gary Corbett
Charlie, Quincy Air Service
Sean Barnes

Question 6:
What role did Perla Valencia play in the videomovie Alaska?
Gary Corbett

Question 7:
Who played Winkelmeisje the videomovie Alaska?
Esther Drente
Barbara Magill
Thora Birch
Maeve van der Steen

Question 8: Norwegian Americans made up 4.2% of Alaska's population and ________ made up 3.2% of the state's population.
Polish AmericanEnglish AmericanFrench AmericanCajun

Question 9:
What role did Ryan Kent play in the videomovie Alaska?
Gary Corbett
John Reagan
Colin Perry the Poacher

Question 10: ________ made up 0.5% of Alaska's population.
Hispanic and Latino AmericansAsian AmericanPacific Islander AmericanMexican American

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