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Alarm clock: Quiz


Question 1: Another mechanical alarm clock was created by Levi Hutchins, of ________ in the United States, in 1787.
Concord, New HampshireManchester, New HampshireMassachusettsNew Hampshire

Question 2: The primary use of these clocks is to awaken people from their ________ in order to start their days in the mornings, but can also be used for short naps; they are sometimes used for other reminders as well.

Question 3: [7 ] The most famous original striking clock tower still standing is possibly the one in St Mark's Clocktower in St Mark's Square, ________.

Question 4: In China, a striking clock was devised by the Buddhist monk and inventor ________ (683–727).
Zhang HengSong DynastyTang DynastyYi Xing

Question 5: Some modern ________ feature built-in alarms that do not require the phone to be powered on for the alarm to go off.
Universal Mobile Telecommunications SystemSmartphone4GMobile phone

Question 6: In an electric bell-style alarm clock, the bell rings with an ________ circuit and armature that turns the circuit on and off again repeatedly.
Maxwell's equationsElectromagnetismClassical electromagnetismMagnetic field

Question 7: Modern ________ alarm clocks typically feature a radio alarm function and/or beeping or buzzing alarm, allowing a sleeper to awaken to music or news radio rather than harsh noise.
Digital electronicsDigital audioDigitalIntegrated circuit

Question 8: [1] The ________ engineer and inventor Ctesibius (fl.
Ancient GreeceHellenistic civilizationAlexander the GreatHellenistic period

Question 9: 1,27), which was put on the top of the tower where it's alternatively beaten by the Due Mori (Two ________), two bronze statues (h.
Al-AndalusMoorsSpainBerber people

Question 10: The St Mark's Clock was assembled in 1493, by the famous clockmaker Gian Carlo Rainieri from ________, where his father Gian Paolo Rainieri had already constructed another famous device in 1481.
Reggio EmiliaRubieraScandianoNovellara

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