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Alaric: Quiz


Question 1: Alaric, Duke of Dunstable, a character in a number of ________'s 'Blandings Castle' novels
P. G. WodehouseJeevesBertie WoosterP. G. Wodehouse locations

Question 2: ________ king of Visigoths / Barbarian general in the Roman army.
Honorius (emperor)StilichoAlaric IGalla Placidia

Question 3: Alaric Deschain, Roland Deschain's grandfather in Stephen King's series ________
The Dark Tower: TreacheryThe Dark Tower: The Long Road HomeThe Dark Tower: The GunslingerThe Dark Tower (series)

Question 4: Alaric Vas, a supporting character and mother of protagonist Fabian Vas in the novel The Bird Artist by ________
Jane Shore (poet)Goddard CollegeHoward NormanPoetry

Question 5: Alaric Tudor, one of the clerks in ________'s novel The Three Clerks
LondonUnited KingdomAnthony TrollopePalliser novels

Question 6: ________, the seventh Duke of Corwyn in the fictional universe of the Deryni novels of Katherine Kurtz
Kelson Haldane (Gwynedd)Deryni CheckmateAlaric Morgan (Gwynedd)Duncan McLain (Gwynedd)

Question 7: Nickolai Alaric, the Basitin Master General in the web comic ________
Digger (webcomic)Last Res0rtSequential Art (webcomic)Twokinds


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