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Alanine transaminase: Quiz


Question 1: For years, the ________ used ALT testing as part of the battery of tests to ensure the safety of its blood supply by deferring donors with elevated ALT levels.
Cambodian Red CrossAmerican Red CrossHong Kong Red CrossBritish Red Cross

Question 2: The intent was to identify donors potentially infected with Hepatitis C ("non-A non-B ________") because there was no specific test for that disease at the time.

Question 3: It catalyzes the transfer of an ________ group from alanine to a-ketoglutarate, the products of this reversible transamination reaction being pyruvate and glutamate.

Question 4: Alanine transaminase or ALT is a transaminase ________ (EC
EnzymeProteinEnzyme inhibitorCofactor (biochemistry)

Question 5: With the introduction of second generation ________ antibody tests for Hepatitis C, the Red Cross changed the ALT policy.

Question 6: ALT is found in serum and in various bodily tissues, but is most commonly associated with the ________.
LiverImmune systemPancreasEndocrine system

Question 7: For example, elevated ALT levels due to liver-cell damage can be distinguished from biliary duct problems by measuring ________.
Aspartate transaminaseAlkaline phosphatasePhospholipase A2Reference ranges for blood tests


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