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Alan Sokal: Quiz


Question 1: Sokal taught mathematics at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua in the summers of 1986-1988, during the rule of the ________.
Sandinista National Liberation FrontCold WarFidel CastroRonald Reagan

Question 2: Sokal is best known to the general public for the ________ of 1996.
Sokal affairObscurantismScience warsSocial sciences

Question 3: The affair, together with Paul R. Gross and Norman Levitt's book Higher Superstition, can be considered to be a part of the so-called ________.
Science warsScientific methodThomas Samuel KuhnSokal affair

Question 4: His interests include computational physics and ________, such as Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms for problems in statistical physics.
LogicAlgorithm characterizationsAlgorithmAlan Turing

Question 5: This includes work on the chromatic polynomial and the ________, which appear both in algebraic graph theory and in the study of phase transitions in statistical mechanics.
Petersen graphGraph coloringGraph (mathematics)Tutte polynomial

Question 6: Alan David Sokal (born 1955) is a professor of mathematics at University College London and professor of physics at ________.
Rockefeller UniversityNew York UniversityColumbia UniversityCornell University

Question 7: To the general public he is best known for his criticism of postmodernism, resulting in the ________ in 1996.
Sokal affairScience warsSocial sciencesObscurantism

Question 8: from ________ in 1976 and his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1981.
Radcliffe CollegeHarvard UniversityHarvard CrimsonHarvard College


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