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Alan Lomax: Quiz


Question 1: Lomax was a consultant to Carl Sagan for the ________ sent into space on the 1977 Voyager Spacecraft to represent the music of the earth.
NASAUnited StatesVoyager Golden RecordSpanish language

Question 2: ________'s 1959 Sketches of Spain album adapts the melodies "Alborada de vigo" and "Saeta" from Alan Lomax's Columbia World Library album Spain.
Miles Davis'Round About MidnightThe Complete On the Corner Sessions1958 Miles

Question 3: Lomax was the son of pioneering folklorist and author ________, with whom he started his career by recording songs sung by sharecroppers and prisoners in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
DallasBluesAustin, TexasJohn Lomax

Question 4: To some, he is best known for his theories of Cantometrics, Choreometrics, and Parlametrics, elaborated from 1960 until his death with the help of collaborators Victor Grauer, Conrad Arensberg, Forrestine Paulay, and ________.
Archie SheppJazzDon Cherry (jazz)Roswell Rudd

Question 5: As a member of the ________ and People's Songs in the 1940s, Alan Lomax promoted what was then known as "One World" and today is called multiculturalism.
East GermanyCold WarJoseph StalinPopular front

Question 6: A 2007 BBC news article revealed that in the early '50s, the British MI5 placed Alan Lomax under surveillance as a suspected ________.
MarxismSocialismCommunismCommunist state

Question 7: And we stopped off in Chicago and stayed with ________ who was a hospitable man and his wonderful hospitable wife.
Studs TerkelIllinoisDemocracy Now!United States

Question 8: Lomax: the songhunter from ________ August 22, 2006.
Great PerformancesIndependent LensMasterpiece (TV series)P.O.V.

Question 9: He subsequently earned a degree in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin and later did graduate studies with Melville J. Herskovits at ________ and with Ray Birdwhistell at the University of Pennsylvania.
New York UniversityRutgers UniversityCornell UniversityColumbia University

Question 10: Musician ________ had this to say about Lomax's later career:
Brian EnoBrian Eno discographyRoxy Music (album)For Your Pleasure

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