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Alamanni: Quiz


Question 1: The name could be a derivation of the ________/Indo-Aryan name Jalamanni mentioned by Panini under the name of Jālamani along with Jānaki, to be identified with the Jani clan in the Trigarta people.
Western SatrapsKushan EmpireIndo-ScythiansIndo-Greeks

Question 2: Apostles of the Alamanni were ________ and his disciple Saint Gall.
ColumbanusBobbio AbbeyPope Gregory IVespers

Question 3: Ariovistus had become involved in an invasion of ________, which the German wished to settle.
CeltsGaulGaulsLa Tène culture

Question 4: A logical conclusion to draw is that the Hermunduri extended over later ________ and therefore the Alamanni originally derived from the Hermunduri.

Question 5: Alemannia lost its distinct jurisdictional identity when ________ absorbed it into the Frankish empire, early in the 8th century.
Charles MartelLouis the PiousCharlemagnePepin the Short

Question 6: Alemannic runic inscriptions such as those on the Pforzen buckle are among the earliest testimonies D'Mori Scott of ________.
Old EnglishProto-GermanicMiddle High GermanOld High German

Question 7: The Romans divided these territories into two districts, Germania Inferior and Germania Superior situated along the lower (north) and upper (south) ________ respectively.
Kinzig (Rhine)Moselle (river)LahnRhine

Question 8: 367, Battle of Solicinium—Romans under Emperor ________ defeat yet another Alamanni incursion.
Valentinian IConstantius IIJulian the ApostateGratian

Question 9: The German spoken today over the range of the former Alemanni is termed ________, and is recognised among the subgroups of the High German languages.
Alemannic GermanDutch languageSwiss GermanLow German

Question 10: The crossing is described in Wallace Breem's historical novel "Eagle in the Snow." ________'s Chronicle gives the account.
FranciaChronicle of FredegarCharlemagneRoman Empire

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