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  • in Serbian tradition, a zmajevit was a man whose spirit could leave his body while he was asleep, and fly skywards to fight against the demon ala that led hail clouds over fields to destroy crops?

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Question 1: This leads some scholars to believe there was a proto-Slavic ________ or demon called Baba, associated with bad weather.

Question 2: It is believed they can try to devour the Sun or the Moon causing ________; her success would mean the end of the world.

Question 3: People in eastern and southern Serbia believed that ale, in their voracity, attacked the Sun and the ________.
Mercury (planet)MoonGanymede (moon)Io (moon)

Question 4: Key:
C. – ________
R. – Serbian Latin alphabet, Romanization of Bulgarian or Romanization of Macedonian.
YatGlagolitic alphabetCyrillic alphabetPhoenician alphabet

Question 5: A story from ________, which was held as true until the 1950s, says that before World War I, an exhausted ala in the form of a giant snake fell from the clouds onto a road.

Question 6: In a more Christianized version, St. Elijah shoots lightning at the ________ who lead the hail clouds; the devils in this case are obviously ale.
GodDevilSatanChristian teaching about the Devil

Question 7: Ale have several adversaries, including dragons, zmajeviti (dragon-like) men, eagles, ________, and St. Sava.

Question 8: They gradually ate more and more of those celestial bodies, thereby causing an ________.

Question 9: It was believed in the Gruža region of central ________ that the ala is invisible, but that she can be heard — her powerful hissing resonated in front of the dark hail clouds.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMontenegroSerbiaBelgrade

Question 10: An ala or hala (plural: ale or hali)[1] is a mythological creature recorded in the folklore of ________, Macedonians, and Serbs.
Bulgarian literatureBulgarian Orthodox ChurchFirst Bulgarian EmpireBulgarians

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